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Dynamic HTML Components

Dynamic Components can be created with Handlebars partials and javascript files to add event handlers that toggle properties, trigger backend calls and re-render the DOM in the browser.


Handlebars partials are included either:

Javascript Files

To attach event handlers to the HTML created by handlebars, you'll need to add the templateString generated by the Handlebars method to the DOM. and then attach event handlers to the elements created.


const template = require("<path_to_hbs_file>");

const context = { .. };
const strTemp = template(context, options?);

const container = document.getElementById("<container_id>");
container.innerHTML = strTemp;

container.querySelector("<interactive_element_selector>").onclick = () => { // Do stuff };

Dynamic Component Examples

A couple of notes on the Dynamic Component examples in this project.


Partial component with svg checkmark inside of checkbox. This can be used to add a stylized checkbox to the page rather than the standard checkbox created by the browser.


/* `.hbs` file */
<span id="checkbox-1">
  {{> form/checkbox checked=complete color='white' bg='black' bg-checked='gray-200' label='Check Me' size='sm'}}

/* `.js` file */
document.querySelector('#checkbox-1 input').onchange = () => {
  // Do stuff

Note: Event handlers are attached in the javascript file to trigger this actually doing anything on the page

List Object and List item

Handlebars partials to render lists of items inside of html elements. The developer can specify a template partial that can be used to generate the contents of the list item (this should be a .hbs file).

Because this is a more complicated object (with content template) and likely requires event handlers for user interaction, it is best to create the ListObject inside of the javascript files and add it to the DOM from there.


// Import from path to component
import listObjectTemplate from '../components/list/list-object.hbs';

// Build HTML from Template method
const listObject = listObjectTemplate({ items, template: 'my-list-template' }, {
  partials: {
    'my-list-template': listItemTemplate

// Append HTML to Page
document.getElementById('page').innerHTML = listObject;

// Add event handlers...
listObject.querySelectorAll(<selector_of_element_with_event>).onclick = () => {
  // do stuff

Components Notes/Ideas