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Javascript Entry Points

The webpack.config.js(github) defines entry points for javascript bundles that can be created for each page, or can be optimized to bundle code that can be cached separately, loaded asynchronously or lazy loaded, after the page has loaded and rendered.

These bundles are separately included on each HTML page (defined with the HTMLWebpackPlugin in the Webpack config) and will execute in the order they are included on the webpage. The files in these bundles are separate modules and self-contained, so any variables will only be available within that module context. However, any items declared at the global level in a bundle (e.g.global.property = 'value';) will be available in any other bundle that is on that HTML page, as well..

Importing Files

The javascript file that is referenced as an entry point, can import other files and/or libraries using either CommonJS Module syntax (e.g. const package = require('module')) or using ECMA6(ES2015) syntax (e.g. import package from 'lib'). These files will then be included in the generated bundle for that entry point.

The file types available to import are defined in the rules section of the Webpack config:

Entry Notes/Ideas