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Static HTML Components

Some parts of the interface can be generated during the build process to reduce processing on the client side and speed up page generation if the assets are not dynamic in relation to the user. These components are generated using underscore-template-loader and can be included in the entry .html pages or .hbs files with @require(<path_to_static_file>, args) with optional arguments

Custom Macros

Custom macros can be created that execute some function during the build process. This project has example custom macros that include the build details and repository information in the output HTML pages. These macros are included in the webpack.config.js(github) configurations for the underscore-template-loader. These macros are given names in the webpack config file and then accessed using the @ symbol (e.g. @year()).

Static Component Examples

A couple of notes on static component examples included in this project:

Contains links to the different part of the application, this is a good example of being dynamic (but not relative to the user) but still being able to be compiled during the build process.

Contains reference to the project details and build details for developers. This could also include:

Static Partial Notes/Ideas