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Template Webpack REST Server

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Template and Example using Webpack for rapid development of an REST API server with endpoints for managing requests and connections to other servers and/or database/storage tools.

This example can also be used to quickly create a server with your own endpoints to do whatever you would like on any requests (either user/interaction based, or with a cron job to make it on a scheduled basis)


Node v10+ and npm (tested with v10.15.1)

See package.json(github) for full list of current dependencies

Quick Setup/Run

How to use this template to create a quick HTTP REST server:

  1. Download and update node + dependencies
  2. Update conf/config.yaml with any changes to settings
  3. Add endpoint definitions to OpenAPI config in ./openapi.yaml
  4. Add Unit tests in src/controllers/ (Test Driven Development)
  5. Add Controller Files to src/controllers/
    • For now, add reference to controller in src/entry.js (with other controllers)
    • Controller endpoints will be served at /api (or whatever is set in config.yaml)
  6. Run npm run doc to update the documentation
  7. Run npm run start-watch to compile and run server + tests in watch mode

NPM Commands for Testing/Running

npm run start-watch to run open the server and run Webpack to watch for changes, recompiling, running the tests and restarting the server when it is done

npm run test-watch to run Mocha and with all tests associated with the project, watch for changes on the files to re-run the tests

npm run dev-watch to run only webpack to watch for changes on the files and recompile/rerun tests

npm run test to run all of the unit tests for the application one time

npm run dev to run a development version of the server

npm run build to compile development version of server to dist/

npm run doc to generate static documentation in the doc folder

npm run lint to run linter and see any errors/warnings

npm run clean clean the workspace (remove dist/)

npm run help to print the contents of help.txt to the command line


npm run build-prod ... TODO: compile application to production version

npm start .. TODO: start production Server

npm stop .. TODO: stop production Server

npm restart will restart once start/stop completed